Here is the deal-  We are fortunate enough to be here on this Earth doing the stuff that we love all while embarking on an incredible journey.  Everyday we take that for granted.  And that is selfish.  We need to stop and appreciate what we have and those in our lives.  There are so many people around our city and even in our lives that are going through difficult times.  Maybe they just aren't happy or something bad has happened (or continues to happen).  A lot of us are probably not told or shown enough how much we are loved, how much we matter in this world. We all seem to fall short in this category for one reason or another; I know that we personally struggle with this everyday.  But we want to change that.  We at Okay Yeah Co. and the Plant Shoppe want to help you show the people in your life, LOVE. We have decided to start the #MakeAMondayOKC movement by hosting a bi-weekly give-a-way. Here's how it will work: 1.  Complete the form below to submit your story and tell us who and why you want to make someone's Monday.  2.  We will draw names the Sunday before the give-a-way.  3. That Monday, we will hand deliver the recipient breakfast, coffee, a plant arrangement along with a personal message from you.  4.  We will capture their response and ask if they want to share their experience with the world. 5.  If they say yes, we will post the story and their response through social media outlets.  Pretty simple, eh?  So what are you waiting for?!  Let's go and cheer some people up.  It's our way of helping to make this world a better place and loving everyone for who they are.

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