thank you times a million!

Wow.  This makes the third time that I've sat down to write this blog post.  I've written and deleted, written and deleted, written and deleted.  All because I didn't feel my words were good enough.  It has been so hard for me to truly express the gratitude we have in our hearts for the acts of kindness that we were shown during what might possibly be the worst time of our lives.  

As most of you know, our son Memphis was brought into this world ten weeks early.  My pregnancy was no longer healthy and both of us were at risk.  It wasn't his fault, it wasn't my fault, it wasn't anyone's fault.  It was just how the cards played out for us.  Quite frankly, it was the most difficult, most scary thing ever.  Seeing our three pound tiny human working so hard to stay alive sucked.   And watching as he was forced to learn the skills of survival when he was still suppose to be protected by me in my belly sucked.  It sucked real freaking bad.  We spent all day, everyday in the NICU.  We encouraged Memphis to be strong and fight.  We were able to be a part of his care team and became his biggest advocate.  And it paid off.  Every second of every minute of every hour of every day that we were there played a huge role in his growth.  Memphis was able to come home after five short (but grueling) weeks.  He was a rockstar- only 35 weeks gestational, 1 month chronological.  Though we were discharged from the NICU, we are still having to watch him grow and develop at home.  Memphis is currently taking medication that stimulates his brain and helps him remember to breathe.   And we are still wearing monitors for those times he forgets to breathe (which have become far and few between!).  Only one more week until he is considered "term".  Hopefully by then we can move out of the "preemie" stage an onto the "newborn" stage.

So with all that said, one can imagine how hard it was/is to keep up with our daily lives, not to mention the business.  But you know what?!  We did.  How?  Because of you.  Throughout this entire journey, we've never felt so loved.   And we aren't talking about just everyday love.  We are talking about the kind of love that will drop you to your knees.  The kind of love that seems imaginable.  The kind of love that makes you cry and leaves you breathless.  The kind of love that gives you hope for the present and the future.  We are loved by so, so many people.  Not just by people that are near and dear to us, but by people that we've never met before and businesses from all across the city.  YOU all embraced us, supported us, helped us keep on.  And we can't forget to mention the generosity you all showed us.  Wow.  Just wow.  It is because of generous donations that The Plant Shoppe is able to stay alive.  

So to all of YOU we say 'Thank You'.  Thank you for allowing us to be transparent.  Thank you for following along with us on our journey.  Thank you for allowing us to do what we enjoy doing.  Thank you for being patient with us.  Thank you for loving and supporting us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million.   We will make sure that our son knows how extremely blessed he is to be a part of one hell of a community and that he had the biggest team rooting for him.  Oklahoma City, we love you.


Jen Semmler, Chad Grubbs & Baby Memphis // Owners + Operators

We would like to give special thanks to the following (in no particular order).....

John + Laquita Semmler, Lara + Will Ciston, Mal Woodard, Kara + Mike Grafton, Brandon + Ivy Riggs, Terri + Willi Butler, Tim + Leslie Grubbs, Chris + Tara Grubbs // Your undying love helped us through the most challenging time of our lives.  You sat by our side, you cried with us, you loved on us, you cared for us.  From the moment that it all began, to where we are now you were/are there, no matter what.  We are beyond blessed and so lucky to have you in our lives.

David Kittredge + Ginger Roddick (The Idea Collective) // Your friendship means the world to us.  We are so very lucky to know the two of you.  You are always, always, always offering a hand when we need it the most.  We love you forever and ever and ever.  

David + Camden Chitwood (Emerson Events) // You two are the bees knees.  We love that you stepped in to help us at the shop.  From working events to washing vases, you helped us out tremendously!  We love you guys and are so lucky to have you in our lives.  

Jerrod Beck // You.  You are pretty amazing.  Your kindness, support and thoughtfulness will forever be appreciated.  You didn't have to do what you did.  You've got a BIG heart and OKC is lucky to have you in it.  Seriously, thank you.

Blue 7 // There is not enough kind words in the dictionary that can quantify how we feel about the B7 family.  Your support and generosity blows our socks off.  In awe of everything you do for our great city.  We are forever fans (and friends) of yours.

The Okay See // Blake and Kyle you rock with your awesomeness.  Thanks so much for creating the "Team Memphis" tees.  You all do so much for anyone in need and we thank you.

KatieBug's // You've kept us smiling ever since we met you.  Your kindness and generosity will never go unnoticed.  We are some of your biggest fans and Oklahoma is so lucky to have you (and your cute little trailer!).  Glad we can call you our friends.

The Keep It Local OK Community- Cuppies & JoeCollected ThreadJL WoodworksThe Makeup BarT an Urban Tea House, The Black Scintilla, Butter Sweet Cakes, Cafe 7, Capital City Barber, The Hall's Pizza Kitchen, Learning Tree, Organic Squeeze, Lewis Jewelers, Kickoff Couture, Red Coyote, Klemms Smokehouse // Thank you for your donations, gifts and time. We are forever grateful.

Local Musicians- Kinsey Charles, Jose Hernandez, Blake Burgess, Cameron Morris, Justin Fortney, Rachel Brashear, Sarah Reid, Erich Massad, Gabriel Hancock, Jerrod Beck // Thank you for donating your talent and putting on one hell of a show at the Roger Miller Tribute.  You all rock.


The Plant Shoppe

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