Hello, 2015.

As I reflect on the last two years and how much The Plant Shoppe has evolved, I become overwhelmed.  What began as a hobby or rather a “lets see how this goes” project, has turned into a full-fledged business adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, I had every intention for the “lets see how this goes” project to grow, but never did I intend for it to come as far as it has so quickly.  And I’m so thankful that it has.  I’ve learned and experienced so much over the past year alone- what it means to be an entrepreneur, what it takes to own a small business and that its not as easy as it looks.  I’ve met and worked with so many wonderful people and have been flooded with loads of support.  My life as I know it has become The Plant Shoppe.  I live it, I dream about it, I am it.    

So if you follow me on social media, you have probably already heard the news.  In July 2015, I am expecting a little bundle of joy.  I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this miracle to take place.  I honestly never thought it would.  So for me, this is such a BIG DEAL.  And I want to enjoy every moment of it that I can and not take it for granted.  I’m ready to focus on my family and for them to be my life.  

So what does that mean???  It means that I’ve got to let go of some things and make some changes both personally and professionally.  I want to go back to where the idea of The Plant Shoppe all started, back to that original plan I had for The Plant Shoppe.  I no longer wish to compete with the West Elm’s, the Home Depot’s or the local plant nurseries and to become the largest succulent provider in Oklahoma.  I want to make my mark by being unique and intentional, to have fun and be a part of an amazing community.   

So here’s where I’m at....  

> I will continue to offer “retail hours” up until springtime-ish.  Although the hours will be slightly different, I will be open 4 days a week for those that wish to come in and purchase succulents and play at the DIY Bar.  

> I will continue to offer custom orders, container fill ups and deliveries all the time.  This includes weddings and special events- these things I love to do!  

> I will push my online presence through our website, offering seasonal items that can be delivered or shipped anywhere in the US of A.  

> I will continue to offer and teach classes involving my passion of succulents and creativity.  Classes will continue to be held at the shop as well as other local venues in the OKC/Metro area.  I will always welcome the opportunity to host private groups/gatherings/classes in or outside the shop.

> I will continue to offer succulent items/arrangements at some of my favorite local shops including Blue 7 and Collected Thread.

> And to the part I’m most excited about, I’m going to bring out the Airstream!  Come springtime, I plan to do more pop-ups and events throughout Oklahoma (and hopefully its surrounding states).  The Plant Shoppe will become mobile!  

I believe in The Plant Shoppe and the fun that it can have.  I’m super excited about the changes and I truly hope that you are too.  I thank each and every one of you for being a part of the journey and being so supportive and understanding along the way.  The Plant Shoppe would not continue to live on if it weren’t for all of you. 

Thanks again for letting me live my dream,

Jen Semmler / Owner & Operator 

The Plant Shoppe

The Plant Shoppe, 705 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102, United States